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Q: Will other users network traffic impact my servers performance?
A: Our network has more capacity than we use and is designed with maximum performance in mind. Each switch has multiple redundant paths for traffic and automatic flood detection reroutes bad packets. In addition QoS rules are in place to ensure even if a flood were to leak it wouldn't saturate links used for other customers. In the event something goes wrong monitoring systems automatically alert our engineers 24/7.

Q: Do you offer reseller or volume discounts?
A: Yes, please email sales for details.

Q: What operating systems can I choose from?
A: We install any open Linux or BSD distro you desire. If you would like to use a proprietary operating system you can install your own via IPMI.

Q: Is Adult Content or IRC allowed?
A: All legal content and services are permitted, see our Terms of Service. This includes legal 18+ adult content, IRC, VPNs, etc.

Q: How good is your DDoS filtering?
A: The network includes automatic DDoS mitigation using a combination of BGP engineering, 4Tbps network edge saturation filtering and 40Gbps of advanced TCP filters load balanced over redundant cores. When a flood is detected by our monitoring systems traffic is rerouted over the DDoS network. The typical flood is picked up and filtered within seconds and traffic will continue to route via the filters for the next 8 hours to prevent any follow up attacks and ensure network stability. Some providers claim protection but nullroute you after only a few gigabits or charge thousands for high packet per second floods. All Awknet servers include 4Tbps saturation filtering and 40Gbps advanced TCP filtering at no added costs. Floods of significant duration/impact may be nullrouted, but in our experience most attackers give up quickly when their flood fails.

Q: What type of services can you protect?
A: We can protect all TCP and most UDP services - the Awknet filters were designed to enable all traffic types without the need for advanced server modifications. For customers who need few or no UDP services, edge filtering provides additional protection against saturation floods.

Q: Do you offer remote protection?
A: Yes, remote protection is available via direct cross connection or tunnel. May require custom traffic engineering. Pricing varies, discuss your needs with sales.

Q: Why is your website ugly?
A: We are computer and network engineers, this is what beauty looks like to us? I hear we have great fashion sense too.

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